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Why Daily Email?

It's pretty simple, really...

I appreciated all the help I received early on that gave me the confidence and knowledge boost to just get out there and start freelancing.

And I tell you what...

It'll warm the cockles of my heart if I can help you — even just a little — to take a few steps along your path of freelancing success.

So, if you think some extra support, encouragement, and maybe a bit of a laugh, sounds like a good thing...


How long have you been freelancing?

Since December 2021. That's when I first discovered copywriting.

Doesn't look that long ago in terms of months and years.

But oh... my... gawsh...

It feels like a veritable tsunami has passed under (over and around) this particular bridge!

Still am wearing a smile (or is that a cringe?). 😁

Who do you do freelance work for?

Can't say "who" due to privacy.

But in terms of niches, well...

For ecommerce stores there's been: clothing, entertainment, and gardening.

As well as: real estate, executive coaching, business and personal coaching and strategy, and health & wellness.

At present I'm enjoying working with ongoing clients as well as building my own "clientless" projects.

Where do you live?

Stalker type, eh?

Well, seeing that it tells you at the bottom of every email I send, guess it won't hurt to say...

I live in a lovely small town in rural New Zealand called: Dannevirke.

If you're an email subscriber and ever happen to be passing through... stop by for a coffee. My shout!

(Er, translating my New Zealand-ese... that's: "I'll pay!")

Can you tell me more about yourself?

If you're a subscriber to my email list, you'll get a fair amount of "Chris" coming your way. Admittedly, it will always be a caricature of sorts.

When there's an opportunity for us to connect on a video call, there's a much better chance of having questions like this answered. And I guess you'll get to see the REAL me (whoever that fellow is?!?).

I do have an invite-only Discord server, that I'm looking at opening up as part of a subscription (soon?). This will be a great place to satisfy your curiosity.

Watch this space. (Well, I mean: make sure you're signed up so you get announcements).

Are you going to hard-sell in your email list?

Well, given "hard selling" to one person is "a joyful relief" to another...

You might find the answer somehere between:



All... the... blimmin'... time!

If that doesn't help...

Subscribe and find out for yourself.

What email service provider (ESP) do you use?

For daily email I use BerserkerMail. It's best-in-class for deliverability. And is ultra-streamlined for a high volume of one-off emails, like I send daily.

For marketing campaigns related to purchases, I use the inbuilt email system in And that's also what my websites are built with.

For clients, I will work with their existing systems. I'm actively using Klaviyo at present. It's a common ESP for ecommerce businesses who are using Shopify — but boy is it a million clicks to do anything!

Yet another reason why I love using BerserkerMail — cut, paste, a couple of clicks and the email's scheduled. 😎

What if I don't like your emails?

Don't like my emails?


WelI I never!


How DAAARE YOU waltz in here and even suggest the possibility that anyone could NOT like my emails?

Who do you think you are asking questions like that? You should be ashamed of yourself!

(wanders off in a flurry of huffs and puffs...)




... Hellooo? ... Hi? ...

Ahh... sorry about that.

Sorry... we've not met ... I'm Chris's wife, Vicki.

I... er... don't quite know what to say...

I thiiink the fumes from keyboard grease have made him a bit... y'know...

Once he's had a bit of fresh air and a lie down I'm sure he'll be fine.

I'm sure he'd also want me to tell you: Just look for the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email.

Now... where's that dear, dear man got to? 🤷‍♀️

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